ASCMO indexed in Scopus

20 March 2019

Scopus has finished its evaluation of ASCMO and declared that it will include our journal in its database. With this decision Scopus certifies that ASCMO consistently includes articles that are scientifically sound and relevant to an international audience. The decision also acknowledges that ASCMO addresses a subject area not properly covered by an existing journal.

This is great news and represents the huge amount of work by the editorial board and, more importantly, the trust of the scientific community, whose members submit their top-quality articles to ASCMO. We are pleased that ASCMO articles will soon be included in this major scientific database, and we would like to thank all who contributed to making the journal successful.

Please note that it may take several months until Scopus has processed all XML metadata following the data transfer from Copernicus Publications.

Michael Wehner and Francis Zwiers
ASCMO executive editors